Core Business Development

The Core Business Development service is geared towards the company for which there are significant opportunities still available in their target market. This service helps companies identify and land new customers in their core business.

Phase 1

How big is this market and who are the companies in this market?

  • Understand the current approach to landing new customers
  • Understand the current approach to identifying new prospects
  • Understand strengths of business offerings
  • Understand proposals/close ratios
  • Understand sales cycle
  • Review market, present market share, and market potential
  • Review marketing/sales materials
  • Identify high impact prospects with large potential
  • Contact and arrange meetings with these prospects
  • Short Marketing Report produced
  • Decision to continue project

Timeframe: 1-3 months

Phase 2

Landing new customers.

  • Continue identifying new prospects
  • Continue arranging meetings with prospects
  • Submit proposals for new business
  • Land 2-3 new customers
  • Continuing researching market and developing an understanding of market potential
  • Work with senior and sales management offering suggestions to improve sales efforts
  • Submit recommendations for improving sales efforts and make a decision to either continue project or transition out.

Timeframe: 2-10 months

Phase 3


In some instances, we can continue working with our client to identify new prospects and land new business. In this phase, we can also recruit salespeople and train the current sales staff or work alongside them.

Timeframe: 10-30 months