DSBC offers tailor-made solutions. The purpose of our Business and Market Development services is ultimately, as our mission states, to help our clients grow their business. To do so, we focus our services on:

  1. Growing our client’s core business.
  2. Moving our client’s into new markets.

Growth of Core Business

At DSBC, we develop an understanding of how to grow our client’s business by actually growing their business! We then educate management about this process and, if necessary, teach them to manage it. We work with the sales force to replicate our success and provide a new understanding of their market and appropriate strategies.

The role of our Business Development service is to help our clients identify and attract new customers in their core business. We provide experienced and successful salespeople to work with senior management to bring in new business. We are a consulting firm that learns by doing, so in order for us to understand the business and the industry of our clients, we actually go to work finding new prospects and beginning the sales cycle. This process allows a critical examination of many issues, including our client’s competitiveness, responsiveness, flexibility, and capabilities. We focus on our client’s sales cycle and understanding it’s key components. How long does it take to bring on a new customer? How are prospects identified and solicited? How many prospects are in the market? What is the close ratio for proposals to orders? What are the capabilities of the present salesforce?

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Development of New Markets

With this service, we help our clients move into new markets. Our goal is first and foremost to understand the market and our client’s potential in the market. Often, senior managers are extremely knowledgeable regarding their company’s capabilities and can instinctively identify other markets in which their business might succeed. The challenge, in their case, is knowing how to determine whether or not their instincts are accurate.

DSBC is an excellent resource for these leaders. At DSBC, we learn by doing. After completing jobs which allow management to interact with companies in the new market, they become able to assess whether they can compete successfully in the market. We deliver critical, timely information by identifying companies in the market, identifying buyers in these companies, and arranging meetings and teleconferences. We work as quickly as possible to land a few jobs from this new market so our clients can begin to understand the capabilities required of their company to serve this new market.

This is a very exciting solution for our clients. For a relatively insignificant amount of money our clients get an inside view to an industry and within a relatively short period of time can assess their abilty to be successful. DSBC provides the energy and focus to break into these new markets; our clients provide the brainpower and experience to assess their ability to succeed.

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