Dennis Sweeny Business Consulting (DSBC) specializes in helping companies grow their sales. The key to significantly grow​ your business is to find more opportunities and close your fair share. Obvious yes, but many executives struggle with where to begin and how to execute.

Many questions surface… “Should we focus on growing our core business or should we move into a new market? Do we have the right people to move into a new market? Do we have the skills to move into new markets or attract higher margin customers? Why can’t we grow our core business?” These questions are followed by memories of past efforts where everyone was excited to aggressively grow the business yet the results never materialized.

At DSBC we are pros at helping companies attract new customers and move into new markets. We have done it numerous times in many different industries. Significantly growing a business is not easy. It takes time, a lot of effort, executive leadership, and a little luck but it can be done as our  “Results Tab” reflects.

“There are numerous opportunities for companies to grow their business. It just takes the time and patience to develop relationships with prospects who are buying what you are selling.”-Dennis Sweeny

Let us help you. We will partner with you and perform many of the sales functions as well as the marketing research so finding, attracting, and closing new opportunities becomes the least of your worries.

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